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Wassily Kandinsky "Composition VII"

Wassily Kandinsky
“Composition VII”

LES ARTISTES DE CHERUBIM (LADC) is an emerging art Non Profit Organization in the New York City Metropolitan area founded by Noelle Myriam Cherubim in 2010. LADC has been responsible for discovering new artists and launching prominent art exhibitions which celebrates the beautiful diversity of humanity expressed through the arts. Our distinctive feature  is global integration of diverse artworks. Our supporters and contributors particularly value artwork of various cultural backgrounds and techniques. Art has the unparalleled ability to cohesively unite people of all races, gender, ethnic backgrounds and beliefs as one.

LES ARTISTES DE CHERUBIM supports artists at all stages of their careers  in establishing their creative voices. We devote our energy to advocate new ideas, discourses, and trends in art to unite and educate. 

We give artists from around the globe a centralized exhibit platform. The artists share and celebrate their various cultural, socio-economic backgrounds, diverse art styles and techniques learned and inspired from around the world, including Asia, Middle East/North Africa, Europe, North America, Central America/Caribbean, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa & Australia/Oceania.

Creating art shows from all walks of life, LADC gives a voice to unexplored communities, this benefits both the artists and the public, allowing the artists to expose their cultural perspectives to an unfamiliar but encouraging and receptive public.

LES ARTISTES DE CHERUBIM extends the aforementioned networking opportunities to ALL. We work with established and emerging artists, from anywhere around the world. Our Mission is to utilize the arts to connect cultures for humanities future. A path constructed to make a difference,  unilaterally, serving as a catalyst for social integration.

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